A company that can offer you a lot


We are strong partners for medium-sized companies and large-scale industrial concerns in the food retail and discounter sectors. We also supply major companies in the poultry and meat processing industry throughout the German-speaking world and the rest of Europe.

We are an innovative company in the food industry and, for the last 20 years, our focus has been on research, flexibility and customer orientation.

Stability and growth ensure that both our company and our customers can rely on the manufacture of top-quality products without interruption. As a partner to the poultry, meat products and baked goods industry, our specialist areas are spice mixtures, additives and other consumables.

As a matter of course, we co-ordinate our portfolio with current declaration requirements. To achieve this, we are very well equipped with:

  • our own certified laboratory
  • a modern technical department
  • seminar facilities and a test centre.

Product diversity for our specialities

The demands placed on the food production industry are constantly increasing. That’s why we are constantly seeking to optimise our portfolio, to create new, customised solutions for our clients and to concentrate steadfastly on innovation. Always with the aim of finding the right additives for every one of your products.

Whether it’s special developments or technological­ advice – our expertise will open up new opportunities for you.

Security through partnerships

We are very
well connected.

We can offer you sound expertise on raw materials and manufacturing processes for end products, as well as specific technical advice by experienced experts from the meat, dairy, delicatessen, bakery and fermentation sectors.

Our job is to be a reliable and rapid supplier for the entire production chain. We have set up functioning systems that give us all security. This is what we mean by a strong partnership.

In addition to carrying out research and manufacturing, we maintain high standards for storage, logistics and networking. This means in detail:

  • dry and liquid storage, cool storage
  • logistical hub in the Rhine-Main area
  • short-term availability of supplies ready for production
  • extensive production capacities (standard range) via contract partners
  • inventive, new and special developments


Our QM is all-embracing, with a team working in constant contact with the production, research and development departments. Specifically, this means:

  • practical quality assurance within the framework of an HACCP food plan
  • certified according to IFS Broker 2 (International Food Standard)
  • BIO certification in accordance with EC ECO Regulation
  • further innovative development using the most up-to-date technical facilities and laboratories
  • customised product developments for individual customers courtesy of
    the R & D department